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Celebrating Our KTI Moms

Mother’s Day is here, and it doesn’t go unnoticed that KTI has some of the most hardworking moms that we know (and we are a little biased!) This year, we want to celebrate the moms at KTI for their success in the working mom life — whether their kids are grown and moved out or just starting preschool. Read on to hear some of the advice they have, what they hope their kids gain, and more from these rockstar moms.


What do you hope your kids gain from you being a working mother?

I want my girls to develop a strong work ethic and commitment for whatever they set their minds to. I hope that when they look at my life, they can see the passion I hold for my career AND family and know that they can also attain both dreams.

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What do you hope your kids gain from you being a working mother?

I hope that my boys learn to be creative, to problem solve, and to see the value of chasing their dreams. I want them to learn that leaning into their innate talents & doing what they love is so important for feeling fulfilled in life, more important than just working for a paycheck. But perhaps even more importantly, I want them to know me as a whole person, not just “mom”. I want them to see all the sides of me, and that includes how much I love what I do as an interior designer.


How do the skills of being a mother translate to your work?

Being a mom requires a reservoir of patience like nothing else. The patience I’ve learned from being a mom helps me immensely at the office. Likewise, working full time teaches me to prioritize my time and focus on the bigger picture. That focus on the bigger picture is so helpful when being a mom.  

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What’s the best part of being a working mom? Children that grow up to be your best friends.


What do you hope your kids gain from you being a working mother?

As a working mom, I hope my son gains a fundamental lesson: your job can be more than just a paycheck. I want him to see that work can be an extension of your passion, not just a means to an end. It’s about finding what lights you up and pursuing it with everything.  In a world where many people settle for jobs they don’t love, I want him to know that there’s another path. Understanding that having multiple passions is not only possible but enriching. My hope is that in watching me pursue Interior Design and motherhood at the same time, that he too embraces the idea that fulfillment comes from following your heart, even if it leads you down unconventional paths.

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What do you hope your kids gain from you being a working mother?

You have to work hard for everything you have. Things don’t get handed to you. Also, it is possible to love what you do and like going to work every day.


What advice would you give other working mothers?

It is okay to come from a place of “No” when signing up for more stuff.  There is so much pressure to be actively involved in your children after school activities or participate in helping the school.  I always felt so guilty, so I would do things and just be overwhelmed at the end of the day.  If you do not have the bandwidth, it is 100% ok to say no, but wishing you luck on it.

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