Designer Spotlight


KTI’s hospitality design studio covers everything from hotel rooms to fitness centers to coffee shops — with such impressive breadth, the team requires highly skilled and well-rounded designers. Meet Abigail, who is celebrating her 7th year at KTI this month, excelling in all our hospitality disciplines!


I’m a Colorado native, which nowadays feels like such a rare thing to find! I was born in Littleton, but moved out east right before I turned 7 to a quaint, little village called Strasburg. It’s literally in the middle of nowhere on the I-70 corridor, but it was home!

2. How did you know you wanted to be an interior designer?

I always knew that I wanted to do something creative, but it wasn’t until I attended a job shadowing event called “The 9-to-5 Experience” (actually at KTI!) that sealed the deal for me. I fell in love with the process and walked away from it feeling so inspired. The rest is history!

3. What’s your favorite KTI Hospitality project?

This is such a hard question, because I feel that every project is unique in its own way. If I had to choose, the Hilton Fort Wayne project is probably my favorite right now. The overall design aesthetic is an eclectic blend of vintage and modern with influences from the city’s origin as a trading post. We’re in the thick of designing the Public Space and documenting the Guestroom’s design right now, but it’s going to be an amazing transformation!

4. What’s your favorite non-hospitality KTI project?

Vineyard Views by the Luxury Residential Team. With its rustic charm and classical details, not to mention the beautiful views, how could you not love it?!

5. What’s one design element you’re loving right now?

Curves! We are loving all the curves right now!

6. What’s a design trend you hope never comes back?

Tiled countertops…just no.

7. Where do you look for and find inspiration in the world?

Pinterest and Instagram are the platforms I look for inspiration from the most. They are where I discover designs that ignite ideas that eventually evolve into unique, customized looks. I also draw inspiration from the intersection of residential and commercial design (the “resi-mercial” movement, as one would call it.) The seamless blend of comfort and functionality in residential spaces often spark innovative approaches that I love incorporating into my designs.  

8. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I’m going to get a little personal on this one and say my greatest achievement was completing 75 Hard (on the first try) earlier this year. If you haven’t heard of it yet, check it out — I highly recommend the challenge to anyone! Definitely some of the most challenging/monotonous days of my life, but also, in so many ways, the best days of my life. Pushing your body and your mind for seventy-five days straight — talk about a major game changer!

9. What’s your favorite kind of space to design?

I’ve been so fortunate to have the opportunity to design a wide variety of spaces with all the projects I have worked on, but my favorite would have to be clubhouses. They’re the heart of any community and are where first impressions are made to set the tone and ambiance that define the entire community. They’re like mini hotel lobbies where every design choice, from layout to décor, contributes to creating a welcoming and memorable environment for residents and visitors alike.

10. What’s the best part about finishing a project?

I love seeing the final product come together, but there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing people interact with and enjoy the space you’ve created.

11. What are you listening to currently?

I’m really into audio books right now, but podcasts are a close second!

12. What’s your spirit animal?

I’d have to go with a sea turtle. They symbolize endurance, strength, and resiliency, which are all qualities I try to emulate on a daily basis. Turtles also can remind people to slow down and enjoy the process, to be present and to do it all with grace. 

13. What’s one food you couldn’t live without?

I’m a sucker for good ravioli!  Any flavor except mushroom.

14. Take us through your 5 to 9 BEFORE and after your 9 to 5.

My mornings usually start around 5AM. I get dressed, feed the dog, pack my lunch and then head to the gym. If I don’t make it to the gym in the morning, I love taking my dog for a walk when I get home after work. Then it’s time to make dinner and prep my food for the next day. I usually finish the day with a little reading or with an episode of whatever show I’m watching at the time.

15. Do you have a party trick or hidden talent?

I think my hidden talent is so deeply hidden that I wouldn’t even recognize it if I possessed one 😉

16. If your fingers could dispense 5 beverages, what would they be?

A Cappuccino (perfectly frothed).  My Greens Juice. Wine. Vodka Tonic with extra lime. Water.

17. How would you describe your office style?

I’d definitely say my office style is more on the casual side. A little relaxed elegance created by using a few key pieces that I can mix and match to create multiple outfit combinations with minimal accessories.

18. Do you prefer neutral tones or bold color?

Definitely neutral tones!  But I occasionally like a little pop of color.

19. What’s a hobby you hope to pick up one day?

I have two… I would love to get into gardening. I’ve never had a green thumb, but I’d love to be able to grow my own vegetables and fruits one day. My second would be to become fluent in another language or two.

20. How would you describe your personal design style?

I find myself gravitating towards Wabi Sabi design the most, which embraces the beauty of imperfection, something that has a lot of character and history, creating a sense of warmth and a feeling of being lived-in with maximum comfortability. I also love to mix in modern elements here and there.