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That wonderful time of year is upon us again. For some it signals the beginning of spring, for some it’s a day to celebrate all things Irish. For us, it’s a day to celebrate the color green!

Green hues can be a versatile and vibrant addition to an interior space. We asked our very talented designers in our interior merchandising studio for some tips on designing with green and they also shared some inspiration from their latest projects.

Design Tip: Bring some life (and green) to your space!

A great way to design using green is to subtly bring it into the space using plants and greenery. When you have a neutral color palette, plants are a great way to bring in a pop of color in an unexpected way. From leafy plants to a living wall. Succulent garden to ferns, there is a green guaranteed to fit every personality and style. Choose the right plant based on the amount of light in the space, add a fragrant houseplant, or pick something local to bring the outdoors in!

Give the plant a stylish space to live as well. There are tons of fun and unique ways to pot plants that make them more of a piece of art than just another plant in the corner. Adding a plant  to your space is guaranteed to make a house a home.

Need some inspiration? Check out two of our latest project boards and descriptions!

Rosecrest 801 Design Description:

Striking shades of emerald green, with white, black, and gray hues, create a memorable color palette for the home. Black painted casegoods surround the home, while unique wood pieces give the home an eclectic vibe. The occasional metal detailing, mixed with textural linens and bold patterns, produces a casual contemporary backdrop for this active family’s home.

Bannon Lakes 2003 Design Description:

This home is bright and airy. White painted wall paneling and cream upholstery are complemented with accents of black iron and subtle pops of sage green. Woven baskets and lush greenery add organic detailing. The use of linen slipcovers, weathered woods, and natural fiber rugs are showcased throughout this modern farmhouse design.

A big thanks to project manager Nikki Holt , designer Stacey Deason and designer Rachel Vanek for their contributions and design tips!