a bedroom with black walls and orange accents.

Four Design Trends: KTI-style

These four design trends have been around for some time and have become wildly popular over the last 5 years. While they are universally loved and widely used in the design world, we’re adding our own KTI twist to them. Read along to find out we’ve been upgrading these four design trends.

1. All White Interiors with a Pop of Color

While the clean, crisp look of all white interiors will live on, we’re adding a “pop” by using more color and personality in residential, model and hospitality design. All-white finishes can provide a great canvas, but they just don’t provide the comfort-factor that color and texture can. More and more, we’re seeing a need for personal connection to one’s interior space. There’s a renewed focus on how people feel in their home, resort or community space, and we’re harnessing interior design to bring on “all the feels”. The primary bedroom in our Funk it Up project is a great example of taking a backdrop of white walls, ceiling and trim and layering on bold colors like black and burnt orange for a contrasting, moody color palette. The textures and colors add depth, visual interest, and coziness – perfect for wrapping up under the covers.

Funk it Up

2. Farmhouse Style Variations

The original farmhouse style includes distressed wood, shiplap, and rustic metals – a style that Chip and Joanna Gaines made famous. While “farmhouse” is still an incredibly popular style, we’re bringing on new interpretations like transitional farmhouse, modern farmhouse, and rustic luxe. These creative twists on the traditional farmhouse allow for more personalization and unique elements for our clients. Our Vineyard Views project, for example, took notes from the traditional farmhouse style and paired it with luxurious materials and furnishings fit for a California dream home. Set near a vineyard, the owners wanted a style that felt casual yet elevated. And we delivered.

Vineyard Views

3. Light + Dark FLOOR TILE

Light and white floor tile is intended for a clean and simple look in bathrooms or laundry rooms. Typically paired with light colored grout, we find it ends up looking dirty and dark over time, especially in high traffic areas like hotel lobbies. Grout is difficult to clean, so we love the idea of using dark grout with light tile or go all dark. We are loving the move toward charcoal and dark tile for a deeper, grounded look. It also allows for stark whites to be used in a vanity or stunning free-standing tub, like at The Laurel Cherry Creek Condominiums.

The Laurel Cherry Creek Condominiums

4. Minimalism with a Little More

Less isn’t always more! Minimalism was made popular by the likes of Kim Kardashian, with simplistic design, monochromatic color palettes and few accessories or décor. We’d like to propose a happy medium of mindful additions to the home that create a balance between minimalism and maximalism. Adding art and accessories that complement the furnishings and bring continuity to the design is important, because whether you’re in your living room or away on vacation, you want to feel right at home. Empty, monochromatic spaces don’t give you a sense of comfort, but with thoughtful additions like pillows, artwork and accessories, any space can feel like home. Our model at Looking Glass below is a great example of keeping things simple yet interesting with mindful additions.

Taylor Morrison Looking Glass | Ridgway Model