Products We Are Loving

In honor of the start of spring and fresh new beginnings, we’re on the hunt for exciting new products to bring into our designs. If you’re looking for something new to freshen up your space, check out all the products (from décor to lighting) our designers are loving right now! Click the links to see where you can get each one.


Whether you’re looking for a big impact or just a fresh piece for your space, we’ve got you covered! Add a bold patterned wallcovering to a smaller room for a big statement, or swap out your tired throw blanket for a soft and cozy pop of color.


Natural materials are on our minds as we move into spring, especially in our favorite lighting. Natural stone sconces and pendants will bring a sense of nature into your home, complete with a warm glow. Or, add a touch of emerald green for a unique look.


Mixing materials is a great way to level up your living space, with a compilation of different textures and finishes. We are currently loving iron-framed dining chairs, mixed metal and stone coffee tables, and travertine pedestals.


Accent walls and focal points of your home can be made easy with wall tile or paneling. These are two of our faves – imagine these cascading down a fireplace or framing an office for the perfect Zoom background!