a wooden table topped with lots of food.


If you’re like us, Thanksgiving can sneak up on you. Between planning the menu, thawing your turkey, picking out the perfect sides, and prepping to host friends and family, you might think there is no time to decorate your home like a professional interior designer. Well, you’re in luck. We’ve asked our talented team for some inside tips to make a lasting impression on your guests.

Design Tip 1: Mix old with new

Mixing old with new creates a balanced and welcome setting not only at a restaurant, but in your own home. Your Thanksgiving tablescape is a perfect way to mix family heirlooms such as crystal drinkwear or vintage linens, with modern flatware and serving dishes.  It’s important to make your home be a reflection of who you are, and the personal accents are always great conversation pieces too.

Design Tip 2: Use simple items to add detail

Great design is in the details. Simple items you may have around your house can be reused and repurposed for a DIY design to remember. Rather than buying a wreath from a store, search for some pinecones in your yard or around your neighborhood, tie them to some ribbon and create unique door décor. Using cardstock and ribbon, create individualized plate settings by writing messages (or names) on the cardstock, punching holes at the ends and threading the ribbon through to make napkin holders. Still have pumpkins from halloween? Paint them to match your thanksgiving décor and use them as centerpieces on your table. Surround them with string lights, tea lights, or faux berries and aspen leaves to add another component to the design.

Design Tip 3: Instead of buying, use nature!

If you find yourself out of time, or tired of the same old decor available at the store, turn to nature for a fresh take. She is readily available and abundant this time of year. I have juniper bushes which have beautiful berries and are great for simple garnishes, wreathes, etc. Plus, they smell great!