a dining room with large windows and a green wall.

Trends that are Staying Hot in 2022

The last few years have been unpredictable, to say the least. We could say the same for interior design — it is always evolving and changing, seemingly by the day! Amid the fleeting fads, we can find some stability in a few design principles that have continued trending upward. Here are a few we predict will stay just as hot in 2022.

Nostalgic design

What’s old is new again and we’re certainly seeing that in design today. Interiors are being inspired by trends from different time periods to create unique design styles that can’t really be put in a box. We’re calling it “nostalgic design,” where modern trends are combined with ideas borrowed from the past, creating something entirely fresh.

1920’s Art Deco

The roaring 20’s were seen as a time of hope, and there’s a familiarity from that time to now. We like to think this is a nice metaphor for countering the harshness (metaphorically speaking) of the pandemic. The return to curves and light, a signal of hope and renewal, was also showcased in the Sherwin Williams color forecast for 2022.

Classic art deco design includes curved furniture, arch-shaped doors and windows, bold patterns, luxurious fabrics and glamorous lighting. In art deco, the décor doubles as an architectural feature.

The point isn’t to go full Gatsby, but rather to introduce these principles with small details, like this dramatic geometric tile that becomes the star of the room — part of an exciting ongoing project for our residential team.

Our Shea Solstice Brookside Model has a healthy contrast of both modern and art deco inspiration — featuring glamorous lighting and a geometric accent wall that is a true work of art.

(Photography by David Patterson)

1970’s Funk

Don’t worry, we aren’t installing any shag carpets anytime soon, but we are taking some inspiration from the boho and eclectic 1970’s styles. This time period was an uplifting and cheerful time, which is made obvious in the bright colors and funky prints that seem to be making a comeback.

Popular materials from the 70’s are popping up today. These easy breezy materials have a lightness that seem uplifting to a space, creating a laid-back environment. KTI’s model team used rattan dining chairs for the Shea Solstice Brookside Model, resulting in an airy, boho dining room.

(Photography by David Patterson)

Another way to incorporate the eclectic 70’s vibe is by using bright colors and layering patterns. This funky bedroom from our Taylor Morrison Altaira Torrey Model has it all: fringed pillows, bold yellow accents, mixed patterns, and an overall sunny feel that transports you right to the 70’s.

(Photography by David Patterson)


Biophilia is a term that has been trending upwards for a couple years now and is going strong in 2022 — it’s the idea that humans have an innate connection with nature. And yet, we all know just how much time we’ve spent at home recently (80-90% for most people!)

Now more than ever, people are wanting that indoor-outdoor connection throughout the home by bringing the outside in. This means house plants, natural light, and organic materials are all finding their way into the home. Bringing more nature into the home creates an improved sense of wellbeing, health and productivity. Studies even show that just the color green can have the same calming effect, if you don’t have a knack for botany. As they say, green is the new neutral — it’s showing up everywhere from painted kitchen cabinets to emerald velvet sofas.

Another trend staying hot this year is not just interiors, but exterior spaces for gathering and hosting. That’s right, now we’re bringing the inside out! Outdoor kitchens and entertainment spaces are all the rage, and being able to seamlessly connect your interior with the outdoors gives you the opportunity to double your gathering and hosting space. The use of accordion-style doors or large sliding doors with floor-to-ceiling windows make your outdoor space easily accessible and always in view. Elevated outdoor furnishings make these spaces comfortable and relaxing, while still feeling luxurious.

classic & minimalist design

Interior design trends are ever-changing and sometimes short-lived, which has led people to lean towards a classic, timeless design aesthetic. There is a need in interior design for elements that are strong, lasting and stable, rather than a fleeting fad. At KTI, we want you to love your space for years to come, so we are all in on this concept. 

(photo via kinsman.com)

People are seeing the benefit of spending more money for higher quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Classic interior design is all about clean lines, balance, and harmony. There’s always room for a pop of color or a statement piece, but your space should feel open, fresh, and decluttered. 

(photo via fourhands.com)

This brings us to the shift toward simplicity and minimalism. It’s making a comeback as people have spent more time at home than ever the last few years. Decluttering spaces and creating open concepts that flow together seamlessly without harsh barriers is the key to achieving simplicity in the home. Your space impacts your mood, your energy and your life — there is a need for less as people don’t want to be weighed down with useless “baggage.” Purposeful, attentive design will allow your space to be functional, beautiful, and timeless all in one. After all, your home is your sanctuary, and it should feel that way!

(photo via archiproducts.com – Treku Bisell Collection)

One way to achieve classic, minimalist design is to start with a focal piece such as a sofa in a family room, or a headboard in a bedroom. This should be what draws the eye in right away. Zooming out from this “star” should be an array of supporting roles that compliment and balance the room. Remember, less is more!

(photo via urbanologydesigns.com)

Thanks for reading along! We are excited to see what the new year brings and to share our upcoming projects with you — including some of these exciting shifts in design for 2022!