What You Need to Know Before Designing Your Dream Home

You’re ready to design your dream home! It’s such an exciting time imagining what your new home could look and feel like. We’ve helped dozens of clients go through the big task, resulting in spaces that are everything they wanted and more. As with most things, there can be roadblocks along the way, so here’s what you need to know before designing your dream home, according to our Luxury Residential Team.


  • Gather inspiration photos from magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. It will help us determine your ultimate style!
  • Imagine yourself in your new home. How will you use the space on a daily basis? Do you want it to be a place to entertain or just relax? How will each member of your family wish to use their space?
  • Phone a friend. Never be afraid to ask for a second opinion. It can be overwhelming, so it’s nice to have someone to lean on that’s outside the process.
  • Dream big! What’s something you’ve always wanted in your home?


  • We always encourage to design your home as if you’ll be there for eternity. Keep your design timeless and classic, with large focal points and architectural details that anchor your space. There’s room for personality and funky additions in wall coverings, furnishings, and paint. Those can easily be changed out in a few years if you grow tired of them, while the canvas of your home will remain timeless.
  • Consider durability. When selecting fixed finishes, appliances, and furniture, be sure to ask how it will look and wear over time. If you have children or pets, pay extra attention to scratch resistance and upholstery composition. While more expensive up front, a performance fabric or carpet will be a much better bang for your buck on heavy traffic pieces.
  • Once you choose something that you love, stop looking! Pinterest can be your worst enemy, because you’ll always find something you like just as much, but remain confident in your decisions and know that what you’ve designed is going to be beautiful. Changes can be costly in both dollars and time. Many times we find that clients end up going back to the original design anyway.


  • Of course, your project will need an overall budget that keeps you comfortable with your renovation or new build. Make sure you and your family are on the same page.
  • Stay realistic. Give yourself more cushion than you think you need, and don’t forget about the costs like demolition and labor that add up.
  • Consider areas to splurge and areas to save. What’s most important to you and least important to you? Maybe you’re an art guru and want to spend the most on original pieces. Maybe you want to splurge on the most comfortable sectional of all time for your family room. Pinpoint what you’re passionate about and budget accordingly.


  • Trust your designer (us!) and the professionals building your dream home. If you have great people on your team, you can rest assured that they will do what’s best for you and your family from design to construction.
  • Trust yourself! It’s easy to second guess your decisions during the construction phase. It’s often really hard to see through the mess, but stay confident that the whole picture will come together just as you planned it.

The most important thing to know before designing your dream home is that it’s YOURS! You have the power to make it unique, make it you, and make it feel like home. Happy designing!