Parker, CO



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In Colorado’s year-round outdoor climate maximizing sales requires making every livable space an obvious amenity while also presenting a succinct set of climatic challenges. This design presents a calming monochromatic color palette framing spectacular views. Earthen materials of wood, stone, and fibers connect the interiors of this unforgettable dream home to the natural beauty beyond the grounds.

All-weather furnishings are a must and accessories must be both lavish and rather sturdy to be true four-season pieces in Colorado’s adventurous weather. Soothing color choices go with any occasion in spaces designed to entertain groups from two to twenty or more in the same setting. Due to the expansive scale of the space when contextualized by the views, furniture choices had to be both large enough to fill the patio but also coordinated with a limited budget and demanding delivery schedule. The harmonious result is a synchronized sales machine that closes.

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