An open-plan office space with multiple workstations, computers, office chairs, and modern shelves. Decor includes plants and personal items. The setting is clean and well-organized.

KTI Design Studio

Office Space
Denver, CO

Welcome to KTI’s design studio HQ, where collaboration, creativity, and inspiration abound. This studio was crafted by KTI designers, for KTI designers. Flooded with natural light and adorned with modern furnishings and design details, coming to work has never looked so beautiful. Adorned with original artwork and bespoke accessories, the KTI designers are constantly surrounded by well-designed spaces to do their best work.

A modern office reception area with a white curved desk and a black textured wall behind it. A computer monitor sits on the desk, and plants are present on both sides.
Modern reception area with a white curved desk, dark wood slat wall, illuminated logo, and a large transparent pendant light above.
Modern office space with glass-walled meeting room, several gray chairs around a black table, and lounge area with beige chairs and contemporary artwork on the walls.
A modern conference room with a long white table, surrounded by light grey chairs. There's a flat-screen TV on the back wall, artwork, shelves with samples, and a sliding barn door on the left.
A modern conference room with a long white table, beige chairs, contemporary light fixtures, abstract wall art, and black and white photography in the background.
A modern conference room with a marble table, beige chairs, and a wall-mounted shelf displaying various fabric and material samples.
A wall-mounted display case filled with numerous trophies and awards on shelves, with a painting visible on the adjacent wall.
A modern office lobby features a curved white reception desk, wooden floors, a display shelf with numerous awards, and a large painting on the wall.
A modern office hallway featuring wooden flooring, a large painting on the right wall, and a white reception desk at the end, with glass walls and ceiling lights.
A modern office with floor-to-ceiling windows, a white sofa, two black chairs, a desk with an iMac, shelves with books, and hanging circular lights.
A modern living room with a curved white sofa, decorative pillows, a black round coffee table with a vase of white flowers, and large floor-to-ceiling windows showing an urban outdoor view.
Modern office lounge with a large navy curved sofa, round white coffee table, armchair, and wooden sideboard. Walls feature abstract art, and windows bring in natural light. Contemporary chandelier overhead.
A modern office space with large windows, white desks with shelves, and spherical pendant lights hanging from the ceiling.
A modern living room features a gray sofa with black, white, and yellow pillows, a white spherical cushion, and a concrete side table holding a coffee cup. The wall has a geometric abstract design.
Modern office space with white shelves full of books and materials, a ladder, large windows with a view of trees outside, and grey booth seating areas with white tables on the right.
A well-organized library with white shelves filled with books, storage boxes, and office supplies. A wooden ladder is propped against the shelves, and a white desk is in the foreground.
A modern office booth with high-back seating, a white table, a laptop, a notepad, a pen, a white mug, and a hanging light fixture against a geometric-striped wall.
A modern office space with two workstations, shelves with books and boxes, and a central meeting area with a round table and three blue stools.
A modern office cubicle with dual monitors on an adjustable stand, an office chair, a drawer unit, and shelves with books and decor.
A modern office hallway with glass-walled meeting rooms on the left, black pillars, white shelving units on the right, and artwork on the walls. A plant is visible at the end of the corridor.
Modern lounge area with two armchairs, a round black coffee table with open magazine, and a wall unit featuring cabinets, a plant, and a coffee machine. Decorative elements include pillows and magazines.