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Denver-based interior design firm with national reach

For 25 years, KTI has been recognized as one of the top interior design firms in the country. Our award-winning design studios have combined timeless design principles and modern trends in evocative ways—resulting in spaces where form and function comfortably co-exist. Whether we are designing a hotel, restaurant, clubhouse, luxury residence or model home, we believe that spending time in a beautiful space can do wonders for your well-being. Let us create something amazing for you!

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place. Brookside

Our three design studios work independently, but continually share ideas and expertise. KTI’s ability to collaborate in this way results in a multi-faceted collective that pushes the boundaries of design. The result? Spaces that don’t just look pretty—they live and function beautifully, too.


KTI’s Hospitality Design Studio curates functional, expressive spaces for the world of hotels and beyond, that celebrate true connections and an authentic sense of community. Our experienced team envision meaningful designs and engaging environments, connecting our Clients’ priorities through the thoughtful practice of creativity and purpose.

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Interior Merchandising

KTI’s Interior Merchandising Design Studio creates standout, on-trend model home interiors for many of the nation’s leading home builders. We work with our Clients to understand their target demographic and the aspirational needs of their potential buyers.

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Your home is more than a house. It’s a sanctuary, a haven, a space you are deeply connected to. From creation to curation, we strive to manifest your vision into something simply sublime.

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a large white bath tub sitting in a bathroom next to a window. Aspen Retreat

KTI consistently delivers a level of livable, sophisticated, design. Even after a multitude of projects over the course of 20+ years working with our company, the KTI design team continues to approach each new project with a fresh perspective that highlights the uniqueness of our spaces.

Karri Kelly
Sr. VP Residential & Commercial Design
Robson Communities