KTI Cares

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KTI Cares

At KTI, we know that we have a responsibility to our community. We strive to use our time and talents to uplift the people of Denver.


KTI is proud to partner with an organization called Senior Support Services, an effort of HomeAid. We help furnish and install homes for the formerly homeless, sometimes giving them their first home in decades. It’s truly a heartwarming experience and we’re happy to help one home at a time.

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The holidays are such a wonderful time to give to the community. We teamed up with Children’s Cheer Tree Giving to decorate and deliver Christmas trees to the patients of Children’s Hospital Colorado.


KTI’s involvement with HomeAid stretches far, from employees serving on the board to volunteering our time for their initiatives. This summer, we participated in Builders For Babies, raising over $2,500 for diapers and wipes for babies in need. We spent the day packing up and loading millions of diapers and wipes to organizations around Denver.

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