a group of women sitting on top of a couch.

Helping those less fortunate feel at home

It’s easy to get swept up in model homes and custom residences and luxury hotels. But the sad truth is, there are so many who are homeless—and a staggering amount of those people are seniors. Kimberly Timmons-Beutner was the brainchild and spearheads “Senior Safe Haven,” a group created by the SMC Council of Denver HBA and supported through Denver’s Senior Support Services, that provides basic furniture and household needs to homeless seniors who are moving into a new home … providing them with not only a place of refuge, but a source of pride. 

Because beyond the important necessities—a shower, a toilet, a place to brush their teeth and wash their hands—there are certain things that truly make a place feel like home: a sofa to sit on, a table to eat at, art on the walls, a bedside lamp … or, for that matter, an actual bed. A place where friends can visit. Where a good night’s sleep without worry or fear is a given. 

All of these things can be the step forward that not only gets seniors off the streets, but changes the course of their lives. Having a roof over their heads and a place to call home does amazing things for their physical and mental health and alleviates the fear of being woken by someone who wants to rob or harm them—something no one should have to go to bed worried about. 

The Team at KTI —along with generous volunteers, donors and industry professionals—coordinates donations, transports them to apartments and does the installation. But like with any non-profit outreach program, the organization could always use more help. Senior Safe Haven would benefit from more warehouse space donations, and always appreciates things like Amazon gift cards so that they can order specific furnishings online and have what they’ve ordered delivered right where we need it. Of course, donations of time, energy, and delivery vehicles—especially on installation days—are incredibly appreciated as well. 

Ernesto’s new home, after over 20 years of homelessness.

If it sounds like a lot of work, it is. But Kimberly, Nikki and the KTI team continue to be up to the task. As she puts it, “when I get to see tears of joy pouring from the eyes of the people we’re helping, it truly makes it all worth it. The best part of it all is getting to witness the impact it makes firsthand.” 

The way Kimberly sees it, everyone—regardless of income or unfortunate circumstances—deserves a safe and beautiful place to live.  

If you’d like to help, Senior Safe Haven is collecting donations of new or slightly used furnishings and household items. To learn more about donating or to make a donation, contact Kimberly at kimberlyt@ktinteriors.com