A living room with a fireplace.

What’s In for 2024

Every new year we get a second wind; a fresh perspective on design after a restorative break. It’s a time for reinvigorating our creativity, finding new ways to push the boundaries of design, and becoming inspired. You may feel a pull to find these things, too. Good news: we’ve done the research for you. Here are the “Ins” we’re predicting for home design in 2024.

IN: Warmth

A dining room with a wooden ceiling.

The move from gray to brown continues in 2024. Warmth and welcome is what homeowners are going to crave, and creating that feeling boils down to color theory. Warm woods and sweet chocolate browns are inviting tones that evoke a sense of hominess. Gone are the days of cool gray and stark white that give a sterile look – homeowners are looking for cozy colors from cabinetry to furniture.

IN: hiding away technology

The frame TV walked so zero-technology rooms could run. What we mean by this is: homeowners no longer want their great room dominated by a giant flat-screen TV. The space above the fireplace mantel is now meant for art, not a television. Sofas now face each other instead of the wall. The move towards fostering conversation and togetherness instead of entertainment is going to be hot, hot, hot in 2024.

IN: Pattern & Color

A dining room with a wood paneled wall.

We’re excited to announce that color is SO back! The last few years we’ve seen an increase in the mixing of patterns and color, and we don’t see it stopping in 2024. The individuality of the home is important to homeowners – showing their personality through mixing of patterns and colors has become a must. No one wants their home to look like everyone else’s, and a strong color palette will ensure the unique charm they are looking for.

IN: Traditional Style

A living room with couches, chairs and a coffee table.

Maximalist traditional design is moving up the ranks in design styles. There’s a need for uniqueness – no more matching furniture sets. Homeowners are looking for specialty furniture like antique sideboards and mid-century-modern accent chairs. The remaining furniture provides a juxtaposition to the uber-traditional, introducing clean lines and shapes that offset the intensity of a floral sofa (for example).

IN: Specialized Spaces

A bathroom with a sink, mirror and towels.

Since COVID, homeowners realized they can make their home anything they want it to be. Their favorite activities and hobbies are now included in their living space. From golf simulators to massage therapy rooms, we are going to be designing lots of specialty spaces in 2024 (and we can’t wait to share them with you!)

IN: Focus on Art

A chaise lounge in a living room with two paintings on the wall.

Now that most of the minimalist wave has passed, homeowners are looking to fill their walls with not just anything, but carefully curated art. Taking the time to find the right pieces and embellish the home’s walls with eye candy is taking hold in 2024. Some may call it “quiet luxury,” where iconic pieces subtly draw the eye to the centerpiece of the space.


A black and white bathroom with a sink and mirror.

This year, wallcovering continues its dominance. No longer reserved for small spaces like powder rooms and office nooks, wallcovering is starting to replace paint, in a way. Nothing adds more character than covering your wall in something that adds dimension and visual interest. It makes a statement, and it’s here to stay.