How to Personalize Your Home

5 Tips to Make Your Home More ‘You’

While furnishings and finishes make up the material of a home, how do you make a home truly look like you? How can you use accessories, décor and styling to create an environment that exudes your personality? It’s a delicate skill, but with these five tips, your home will start feeling custom and individual, instantly!

1. Find Inspiration

Think about your favorite restaurant, hotel, or coffee shop. What are some key elements that you love about it? Maybe it’s the color of the walls, the lighting, or a certain piece of art. We love the calm and cozy vibes of this corner at The Exchange Coffee House. Pinpoint something that speaks to you and try to mimic that in your own space. The key is to try recreating the effect that the space has on your mood and energy. It’s all about making your home a sanctuary!

2. Take Time to Curate

Your space may not come together in a matter of weeks. Be comfortable with taking the time to curate your accessories and décor. Inspiration can take place any time, and anywhere — maybe you take a vacation and find a piece you love, or maybe a Saturday shopping trip leads to the perfect antique. Your home will reflect your experiences over time. The Opposites Attract office has a bespoke chandelier as the centerpiece to the room. It’s a personal touch that doesn’t go unnoticed!

3. Mixing over matching

One of the easiest ways to make your home feel less like a furniture showroom is by mixing, not matching. Matching furniture sets (think bed frame, nightstands, and dresser) can make a space feel uninspired and impersonal. Break out of the ordinary and experiment with a variety of finishes, colors and shapes while maintaining a common thread throughout. The result is a curated look, just like the primary suite in Project Funk it Up.


Your space should be as unique as you are. Your hobbies and interests can have a spot in your home, even if it’s not the norm! Work to incorporate your favorite activities or pastimes, even if in a small way. That could mean you convert a corner of your living space to a relaxing reading nook, or building out a full spa and massage room like we did at Project Opposites Attract.


Whether you’re a neutrals lover or color-crazy, you can (and should!) add a pop of personality to your home. You could paint your front door a fun color that contrasts your exterior, add a wallcovering to a small powder bathroom, change out a light fixture for something sculptural and funky, or add trim detail to a blank wall (like we did at Project Funk it Up.) Any pop of personality is going to take your home from run-of-the-mill to completely you!