Our Favorite Transformations

Renovations can be some of the most exciting projects for a designer. We get to imagine an entirely new space while solving the puzzle of what stays and what goes. Across all three of our studios, we have seen some incredible ‘before and after’s, and we’re sharing our favorites with you all! Click the arrows to see how far these spaces have come.


Funk it Up

This 1970’s home got a huge facelift with the Funk it Up transformation. We vaulted the ceilings, knocked down walls, and brightened up the entire home while keeping all its 70’s charm. This home proves that a home doesn’t have to be large to make a big impact!


One Steamboat Place

The private residences at the base of Steamboat Springs ski area completely transformed from a dark and heavy feel to a bright and light breath of fresh air. By incorporating warm, neutral tones and calm, cool blue-gray, this space gives all the mountainous charm its owners are looking for.


Even our model homes have seen some amazing flips! Our refresh service through our interior merchandising studio takes tired models and makes them brand new again. This is a great option for builders looking to stretch their budget and revamp their models!