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Designer Spotlight


She’s tiny, she’s talented, and she’s so much fun! Get to know our Luxury Residential Studio Director, Nikki Romero-Holt. From junior designer to captain of her own ship, Nikki’s 7 years at KTI are nothing short of impressive. We can’t think of anyone better to work with on a luxury custom home.

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1. How did you know you wanted to be an interior designer?

It may be hard to believe, but I always knew! I was that kid that watched Trading Spaces instead of cartoons. I would choose my preferred parks and restaurants by their color scheme, telling my mom I wanted to go to the park with the blue slide or the café with the green booths. It just stuck!


The best thing is easily that there’s a family involved. It gives the home a purpose, designed for a specific group of people. I become friends with my clients since their projects often span multiple years. Plus, I get to go BIG with some incredible spaces!

3. What’s your favorite KTI RESIDENTIAL project and why?

I can’t! It’s an impossible question because there are things I absolutely love about every project. The family aspect makes it impossible to choose — they are all unique and special! Since I can’t choose, here are a few recent projects that I love.

4. What’s your favorite KTI project outside of residential and why?

One Steamboat Place by the Hospitality Team, because I’m a sucker for a good before and after! Renovation transformations are what I live for, besides my son. Plus, the residential aspect of this project really draws me in.

5. What’s a trend you’re loving right now?

Color is so back! Not everything is white anymore, thank goodness. It makes each project stand out and be unique, which I love.

6. What’s a design trend you hope never comes back?

*Gags* Carpeted bathrooms. Enough said!

7. Where do you look for and find inspiration in the world?

For residential, it’s often hospitality spaces! We pull a lot of ideas from restaurants or hotel lobbies. Since our homes are so large, we can take large scale ideas and apply them to custom homes. And Instagram, of course. There are so many amazing designers out there doing great work.

8. How has your role at KTI changed over the last 7 years?

I started as a junior designer, and now I am the director of the studio! It probably couldn’t have changed any more than it has. I went from solo work to having an incredible team by my side which has been an awesome growth curve. I love my job and team!

9. What’s your favorite ROOM to design?

A powder bath, because you can do (almost) anything! When it’s a small space you can get away with more fun and exciting designs. People seem to be more daring in the powder, saying yes to the crazy wallcovering!

10. What’s the best part about finishing a project?

The clients reaction, hands down! It’s a total “MOVE THAT BUS” moment. I love seeing them fall in love with the space we’ve created together!

11. how would you describe your personal design style?

It would probably be called “annoying my husband” because it’s constantly changing. It’s so hard to have one style as a designer and leave it that way! It always changes because I am constantly seeing inspiration. I’m never satisfied. We will never be done. It’s a lifestyle!

12. Tell us about your family!

I’ve been married to my husband, Nate, for 8 years. He’s basically a saint. We have one beautiful son who we fondly refer to as “Mitchell Monster” even though he’s an angel. Both our families are still in Colorado, and we’re lucky to have their help with Mitchell. They make it possible for me to have this job.

13. What are you watching right now?

I just finished Love Island and I always say I won’t watch again, but I will. 😉 Nate and I are also big into Alone and like to pretend that we could survive better than the rest!

14. what’s one food you couldn’t live without?

Taco Bell is my guilty pleasure, but my mom’s (world famous) toffee takes the cake. Get your orders in now!

15. Take us through your 5 to 9 after your 9 to 5.

I try to leave work around 4-4:30 to pick up Mitchell from daycare or Grandma & Grandpa’s. My evening is filled with Mitchell things, cooking dinner, or assisting my husband in his newfound hobby of cooking (which has been a journey, to say the least.) After that, we’ll either sit by the fire pit, play card games, binge a show, or read. Normally there’s a glass of wine involved.

16. What’s your craziest story?

R. Kelly crashed my bachelorette party. I won’t elaborate. But we’re all safe!


We get up super early, take Mitch somewhere fun (the zoo, lake, or pool), hang out at home and then spend the evening with family and friends. We love a good brewery or Stem Ciders — highly recommend!

18. Neutral tones or bold color?

My personal style is more neutral, but I love designing with color!

19. What’s a hobby you hope to pick up one day?

I want to learn how to make macrons! I would love to stop spending so much money buying them and time trying to find good ones.

20. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you live?

In the U.S. — Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. It’s a combination of Breckenridge and Detroit Lakes, MN. It’s heaven.

Abroad — Portugal!