A group of glasses with different drinks on a white surface.

The Perfect Pair

THE PERFECT PAIR: Bars & Cocktails

In custom homes, ski resorts, restaurants and clubhouses, one thing we love to design is a great bar. And what’s a bar without a cocktail to go with it?! Read along for our drinks of choice at each of our favorite custom designed bars. Cheers!


a black and white kitchen with a bar and shelves.


A glass of lemonade with a slice of lemon.

In project Funk it Up, the upstairs rec room contains one of the most artful bars we’ve ever designed, complete with exposed shelving, vinyl record art, and gold accents. The art-deco inspired tile that adorns the backsplash made the pairing cocktail a no-brainer: a French 75! A popular drink in the ’20s and ’30s, this refreshing lemon and champagne cocktail is what all the classy ladies would’ve ordered at this funky bar.



A pitcher of lemonade with lemon slices and sprigs of rosemary.

Project Vineyard Views has more than one spot to enjoy an adult beverage (being in Napa Valley has its perks!) but the bar that stands off the main dining room is where we’d choose to have a sangria. The surrounding vineyards provide the grapes, the wine makers do their thing, and we’ll enjoy it over ice, with fruit and brandy. The home provides the perfect California farmhouse backdrop!


A bar with stools in front of a window.


A cup of coffee with whipped cream sitting on a table.

For the days that are just too cold to ski all day, take a load off at the Sheraton Starwood at Steamboat. This cool, modern bar at the base of the mountain is 2-sided, so you can warm up inside or by a fire, and order your Irish coffee from either side. This might make up for how bad your feet hurt in ski boots!



A glass of a cocktail with ice and a slice of orange.

A classic bourbon old fashioned is calling our name at The Brass Boot. Sitting in a cognac leather bar stool and leaning against the copper countertop, it just feels right to have a rustic drink in hand. Do we even need to mention the reclaimed wood ceilings and western belt bar front? We’ll take it on the rocks, please.

castle pines cont.

a white kitchen with a bar and stools.

extra dirty martini

A martini glass with olives in it.

Simplistic, contemporary gorgeousness exudes at Castle Pines Contemporary. That’s why we paired it with an extra dirty martini. Just like a good martini recipe, less is more. But, we don’t miss the details: custom under lit shelves, architectural stools, and sleek white marble countertops. Martini lovers don’t miss details either: shaken, not stirred.

aspen retreat

A bar in a kitchen with a wooden floor.

red wine

A glass of red wine is being poured into a glass.

Imagine: You’ve spent the day on the slopes of Aspen and you’re coming home for your Après-Ski drink. You decide on a bold, dark, delicious red wine at Aspen Retreat, where burgundy wood, textural white marble, and clean lines make you feel like the main character you are. This one’s a winner!


A home bar with stools and a television.


A beer is being poured into a glass.

We had to throw in a good craft beer and casual home bar! At Rocky Mountain Coastal, there’s an effortless breeze to the bar. Hues of blue, shiplap walls and distressed barstools set the scene for the perfect game day. Nothing goes together like your favorite team and your favorite beer.


A modern restaurant with a bar and stools.


A glass of coffee sitting on top of a table.

Guard + Grace not only stuns visually, but you’ll leave with a happy belly, too. Their curved bar is adorned with a beautiful penny-sized cork acoustic tile, adding to the industrial-modern vibe of the restaurant. We recommend sipping an espresso martini at the bar before heading to your table for a fabulous steak. An energizing, cozy, elevated cocktail matches the ambiance of one of Denver’s finest restaurants.


A bar with stools and a television.


A bloody mary with black olives and basil.

Grab some lunch at Timber + Torch during your ski day at the base of Steamboat Mountain. This Steamboat Resort bar + restaurant provides excellent views and excellent food. The wood beams on the ceiling are stamped with the names of Olympic skiers and snowboarders from Team USA. This touch of nostalgia makes us crave a Bloody Mary to match the mountain vibes.


A restaurant with wooden beams and a bar.


A bottle of bourbon sits on top of a book.

A Saturday evening catch-up with friends at this moody, sophisticated bar is a must. Silvers, black metal, and warm leathers make up the Saddlebrook Ranch Clubhouse, where details like the hanging metal mesh cloud elevate the experience. This space is begging for a Manhattan: A touch of sweetness but oh-so-strong.